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About Us

Welcome to Leigh Renay, modern energy stone jewelry to amplify your thoughts and intentions.  We’ve redefined and reimagined energy stone jewelry as a modern, sleek collection that fosters mindfulness, self-improvement, and personal growth.

We, the founders, are jewelry designers who created Leigh Renay Jewelry on the premise that we can be better versions of ourselves. We want to inspire, empower, and support others on their journey of growth and evolution. 

We believe in the power of energy stone jewelry to ground and focus your thoughts and intentions and encourage you to be more mindful and present in daily life. 

Since the beginning of humanity, humans have been on a quest for mental wellness to understand ourselves, improve our minds, find happiness, and fulfillment. Energy stones and crystals are rooted in ancient practices spanning every corner of the globe. Each piece in our Leigh Renay collection features an energy stone tied to a particular intention, tuning into specific vibrational frequencies of the universe to manifest your thoughts.