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Leigh Renay is a modern fashion line of designer gemstone jewelry that you wear with intention. Each piece tunes into the earth's vibrational energy to strengthen your thoughts and desires. Leigh Renay has re-imaged gemstone jewelry into a sophisticated, sleek style. Our iconic, organic-design is inspired by the natural shape of a geode as it breaks open, revealing its unique contour.

Change Your Energy. Change Your Life.

Leigh Renay Jewelry, Lady in Yoga Pose Wearing White Agate Energy Stone Necklace

When I find jewelry with similar intentions of harnessing the energies of the earth, I’m immediately drawn to it. Leigh Renay has created beautiful pieces of jewelry that go far beyond being decorative. I love their intention!

Ivy Gilbert, Author

I wear my Leigh Renay necklace to remind me throughout the day of how my energy can be a force of positivity for my clients. 

Cheryl Savage, Licensed Aesthetician

The grounding energy of my Leigh Renay necklace reminds me to be mindful and fully present as a busy business owner, mom and wife.

Cecilia Marshall, Business Owner